Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Let me share with you a north woods delicacy.  Forget the Easter ham, forget the cheesy taters, give me deep fried chicken wings cooked outside with some hot sauce and three cheese ranch and some good company around the campfire.  Ohhh the smell! 
The smell of wings in the deep fryer fills the air!
It really is an event, as it is a process that takes time and is best shared.  While the oil heats and you begin the first batch of potatoes, it's a good time for conversation!  All while you anticipate the feast to come.  
I don't need a fancy buffet.  This will suit me just fine.

Finger lickin' good!
The neighbors dog, Vlado, used to pick the bones out of the campfire.  I learned not to worry that he would choke after the third bach of wings!

This is how we do it...

Ya have to find a good box to shake it up with the season salt!

A fine "Up North" tradition started many years ago with good friends.  THIS is gourmet!  By the way, keep your fingers away from the kid's mouths, you might lose one!!

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  1. I can smell and taste them now! It's true, there's nothing better than wings up north, and we hope to have some in July with you!!!!