Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Things You Find in the Woods!

When we are Up North, we love to wander through the woods.  I am always fascinated by what I find!  Coming home from dinner one night, (if you haven't tried the "Potato Burger" at the Bluffs on Black Lake, you are missing out!) we decided to wander down a 2 track.  This at the prompting of our eldest son who has just gotten his drivers permit and will look for any excuse to spend some extra time behind the wheel.  A couple of miles off the main road was where we spotted this red caboose!!  Complete with tracks to rest upon!  Someone seems to be using it as a hunting cabin.  BRILLIANT!  But just how did they get it there???

Mark and I took a quad ride on one of the warmer mornings we had.  We will frequently pull off, park and explore some trail that leads to a hunting cabin or food plot.  I love coming across an abandoned cabin and concocting a story based on what I find when I peek through the windows.  However, the following structure stumped me!  I can't imagine what it was used for.  It's not a buck pole.  And it wasn't in a location that appeared to make it useful for anything other than an interesting photo.

This sits amongst some other appliances not far off a main paved road.  It appears that this section of woods is where people get rid of their old appliances when they don't have the motivation to drive them five miles to the dump.  I find it amusing that their kitchen renovation covered several decades!

Here is the updated oven/cook stove.  Nothing but large appliances, and one coffee cup still sitting on top!  (Okay, it was on it's side, and I sat it upright, but it was still on top of the stove!)  Why the mug?

The tub sits alone, deeper into the woods, on the side of an old logging trail.  It really must have taken some effort to get it out there.  It's in a pretty spot.  I always wanted an old tub on legs.  I think it would be kinda fun to take a bath there!  Wonder if the loggers did...


  1. Ahaha...truly funny things to come upon in the woods. I've eaten at The Bluffs! My aunt and uncle have a place on Black Mountain. I've spent plenty of time up in that area. My uncle still has the cabin, but, "things" have changed in that family and I haven't been up there for years. I miss my "up north" place.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tammy! I love the view from the bluffs. I think you need to make a trip up there for old time sake!! ;) I'm sure you've been to the Chateau then? It's now "Black Mountain Lodge" and they have done extensive renovations to it. Really quite nice.

  3. Your post takes me right into the woods! LOVE it!!! We just got back from camping, how I hate to come home! Counting the days until the next camping trip. Hey, love the music here!!!