Friday, May 20, 2011

Hometown History

  I came across a "challenge" while blog hopping.  You never know what you'll encounter while blog hopping.  The challange was to write a history of your hometown.  Well now, that presents a problem for me.  The town I was born in, I only lived in until I was 10.  Not enough time to develop those "homey" feelings.  We then spent a brief time in New York, and then off to Michigan.  I only spent enough time in that particular suburban town we landed in, to finish highschool and meet my husband.  At that point, I moved to his hometown.  A setting far more urban than I would have preferred.  So, I've never felt at home here.
  If you've ever checked into my blog, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this!  The place where I truly feel at home is the place where our family goes to come together.  To get away from the chaos of day to day life in the city.  The pictures are all throughout this blog.  I'll claim Bearinger Township as my hometown.
  Bearinger Township sits at the tip of Michigans lower penninsula.  It's approxomately 1/2 way between Rogers City and Cheboygan.  The eastern border of the town touches the western shores of Lake Huron, while the west side of the township enjoys sunsets on Black Lake.  Bearinger (as of the 2,000 census) has a whopping 329 residents!  We don't have our own schools, I don't think there is a store within the township limits.  Is there a gas station?  Thinking...No!  Really, the only thing we have are woods, and water!  (And a few homes, cottages and an array of hunting cabins!)  It's history revolves around logging.  And later tourism.  Not the kind of tourism that has you buying fudge, and t-shirts that say "Grandma went to Bearinger and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"!  No, the kind of tourists that Bearinger attracts wear Stormy Kromers!  (google it!!)  They boat, sail, salmon fish, hunt, snowmobile, quad ride, hike, swim, canoe and have long conversations 'round campfires.
   The township of Bearinger is located in Presque Isle County.  The county seat is Rogers City.  Now
Rogers City, there's a story!  Founded by the illegitimate son of a King in Germany, by the name of Albert Molitor.  Molitor hooked up with William E. Rogers.  (see the connection?  Rogers...) Anyway, the two worked for the dept. of Lake Survey, and stumbled upon a sizeable stand of virgin timber in 1869.  The pair headed north to exploit their findings!  And so the birth of Rogers City.  Rogers spent only one winter before he said nuts to this!  He headed back east, where winters were more civilized.  Yet the town bears his name.  And there's more!  Money, greed, murder, politics, manipulation!  It certainly didn't start out as a sleepy little town.                                                                                       But, enough about Rogers City.  This is about Bearinger.
  Perhaps the best way to tell you about my town, is to show you my town...

Harbor of refuge run by the state of Michigan.

A wintery view of the harbor!

Quad/snowmobile trails criss cross the county.

Beach roses!  My favorite time of the year!!

A bouquet my boys picked to dress up the picnic table.

Out in the woods of Bearinger township.  B. with the blind he built himself!

Headed to the beach!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Good Man!

  Ladies, let me tell you, I am truly blessed!  And I tend to take it for granted.  I have a good man.  Some women may find someone like Mark too abrasive.  He can be, hmmm...loud.  Sometimes to the point of causing embarrassment!  Like the time we attended my cousins wedding in a very reserved Catholic church.  Mark felt the need to give a hearty, booming (and very deep) "AMEN" each time the priest finished a prayer.  This, causing the brides side of the church to turn in unison in search of the rabble rouser from the grooms side.      He's a big guy, and is known for his lack of neck.  It matches his voice and the size of his personality.  He's the guy who will create a scene at Wall Mart to embarrass his kids.  He shows no hesitation at using his voice to call for a family member in frozen foods while he is in the auto parts department!  While appearing horrified in the store, the kids chuckle at his behavior once removed from the scene of the outburst.
  Touchy, feeley and emotional are not his style.  It doesn't mean he doesn't care.  He's not one to send flowers, but he will call me a couple of times a day just to see how it's going or to tell me he loves me.  Other men look forward to a week away at deer camp with their buddies, my husband takes his wife and kids because he likes having us around!  And I am happy to go.  He doesn't plan romantic, candlelit dinners, but he will spend a day walking through an art fair with me just because he knows it makes me happy!
  When he does get emotional, pay attention!  Because it's few and far between, and usually very poignant.  We had just such an evening up at camp.  A snort or two of Brandy, and dad was sharing all kinds of insights by the fire!  The kids know their dad loves them, he tells them all the time.  But usually they spend their time with him goofing around.  It was by the fire on our last night that I sat back and watched as Mark had total control of his audience.  He shared with them how proud he was of their accomplishments, how they had passed him in ability on differing accounts.  Of how much he loved each of them and why.  Then he told my sons how special I am.  How he couldn't imagine living out our future without me.  How lucky they all are to have me as mom.

  No mothers day gift, jewelry or flowers could have meant more to me than that evening by the fire.  We've been married twenty one years and I love him more each year!