Friday, May 6, 2011

A Good Man!

  Ladies, let me tell you, I am truly blessed!  And I tend to take it for granted.  I have a good man.  Some women may find someone like Mark too abrasive.  He can be, hmmm...loud.  Sometimes to the point of causing embarrassment!  Like the time we attended my cousins wedding in a very reserved Catholic church.  Mark felt the need to give a hearty, booming (and very deep) "AMEN" each time the priest finished a prayer.  This, causing the brides side of the church to turn in unison in search of the rabble rouser from the grooms side.      He's a big guy, and is known for his lack of neck.  It matches his voice and the size of his personality.  He's the guy who will create a scene at Wall Mart to embarrass his kids.  He shows no hesitation at using his voice to call for a family member in frozen foods while he is in the auto parts department!  While appearing horrified in the store, the kids chuckle at his behavior once removed from the scene of the outburst.
  Touchy, feeley and emotional are not his style.  It doesn't mean he doesn't care.  He's not one to send flowers, but he will call me a couple of times a day just to see how it's going or to tell me he loves me.  Other men look forward to a week away at deer camp with their buddies, my husband takes his wife and kids because he likes having us around!  And I am happy to go.  He doesn't plan romantic, candlelit dinners, but he will spend a day walking through an art fair with me just because he knows it makes me happy!
  When he does get emotional, pay attention!  Because it's few and far between, and usually very poignant.  We had just such an evening up at camp.  A snort or two of Brandy, and dad was sharing all kinds of insights by the fire!  The kids know their dad loves them, he tells them all the time.  But usually they spend their time with him goofing around.  It was by the fire on our last night that I sat back and watched as Mark had total control of his audience.  He shared with them how proud he was of their accomplishments, how they had passed him in ability on differing accounts.  Of how much he loved each of them and why.  Then he told my sons how special I am.  How he couldn't imagine living out our future without me.  How lucky they all are to have me as mom.

  No mothers day gift, jewelry or flowers could have meant more to me than that evening by the fire.  We've been married twenty one years and I love him more each year!


  1. Nicely written. I hope Holly feels about me like you feel for Mark. When I tell my kids how special they are I usually don't get very far..... because I get choked up. And as for Holly, I can't even type, let alone speak the depth of my love for her without the need to stop to re-compose myself.

    You are good people Tracy. So glad and so blessed to have met you. God knows how to direct our lives so we meet people that will bless and enhance our lives.


  2. I am truly fortunate that I have the people in my life that I do! I do not take for granted a comment like the one above. Thank you.

  3. Trac,

    I cried through this entire thing. Not only do I feel the same way about Rob as you do Mark, (playing, not Marco Polo in Walmart, but Taco, Burrito)but the relationship you described between Mark and the boys is much like the relationship I shared with my own dad. This was truly a blessing on my morning!

  4. Geez Holl!!!! The two of you are going to bring me to tears!! You really need to live closer!