Monday, May 20, 2013

Savor the Moment

Deal with it folks!  Truth be known, I get teary at a good Mc Donalds commercial.  So, it would only seem fit that my emotions would run high during graduation season.  I don't bawl and wail, I do my best to keep it on the D Low,  but lately I find myself tearing up quite a bit. 

Yesterday my oldest son went off to his senior prom.  I let him skip school today and I called in for him.  What can I say?  I'm a rebel!  (Whoda thought when I was doing my best to cultivate my "Punk/Mod" look while I was in High School, that 25 years later "rebel" would mean calling in absent for my kid!) And of course, since Morgan wasn't around to drive Brenden to school, naturally, Brenden got the day off as well.  (What?  I was sleeping in!!!) It was good to have a mental health day.  May is the calm before the storm.  Once June hits, all hell brakes loose!  Work is nonstop, prep for grad party, family in from outta town, ceremonies and parties!  I've been forced to be still this month due to a surgery.  So while I usually work on Monday nights, I got to enjoy dinner with my family.  

Dinner with the family was more frequent when the boys were younger.  Now, everyone seems to run on a different schedule.  More often than not, when I am home for dinner, I find that it's just me and my husband.  The quiet is strange.  Not bad, just different, and I know that we are a family in the midst of transition.   

I'm not going to be one of those mothers who clings, while her children are trying to spread their wings.  I want them to spread their wings.  I want them to be independent.  I want them to be confident.  I want them to be self sufficient.  But when they do find themselves challenged,  I also want them to come to me for advice.  I want them to save some time for me, even in the midst of their busy lives.  I've been successful so far.  I like my kids. I enjoy spending time with them!  I like the adults they are becoming. I think my husband and I have done a good job!  Yeah, mistakes along the way, but overall, a good job.  Besides, mistakes are good fodder for blog entries!

 Tonight was one of those nights when we fell into a natural rhythm.  Nothing special.  We grilled. We Had the I pod dock in the window and Pandora playing country.  Everyone lingered around the table.  There was a song request which forced us to resort to You Tube.  We took turns in rotation playing each of our favorites.  Conversation was relaxed and lively.  Nobody rushed to go in, nobody had to be anywhere.  And I savored every moment!  When the day comes that they are not so available to me, I'll miss it.  

I expect there will be more tears shed in the coming month.  On a positive note, I probably won't have a lot of time to sit and let my thoughts linger!  No tears shed tonight, however.  Tonight I simply enjoyed the evening for what it was...and savored it!  

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  1. It's me, mid-witch. I can't remember any of my passwords so my comment is 'anonymous'. You've done a great job with your boys, and as I'm just starting out on the family path, I hope to take a few pages from your book. Enjoy this summer!! XOXO