Monday, February 28, 2011

Cabin Fever

  Half way between Rogers City and Cheboygan, we own a piece of property.  It's our own little slice of heaven.  Lately my thoughts have been drifting there.  It's where some of the most memorable campfire musings have come from!  I think my lack of concentration is due mainly to cabin fever!  As I sit at the keyboard, I feel a chill, so let me grab a cup of coffee and then I'll show you around camp...
  We purchased "Our Neck of the Woods" about 8 years ago, at just about the peak of the real estate market, but I digress.  For Michigan suburban/city dwellers, we were fulfilling the dream!  A place "Up North".  Cabin in the woods/cottage on the lake.  A place to get away!  Originally, I'm from the Boston area.  This is the equivalent to buying a place on the Cape...maybe more like Maine!  I couldn't imagine the appeal of "Up North", when I first married my Michigan man.  Over the years, we would plan camping trips, holding up our hands to illustrate to others where our next destination would be. 
   I quickly fell in love!  I fell in love with the history of old logging towns, the sight of the freighters on the lake.  I fell in love with old hunting camps and the tall tales that are told there!  I fell in love with towering pines and the fresh smell of the air when you get out of the car you've been in after a 4 hour drive.  But the things I love the most are the memories I've made with my family.  Away from the distractions of home, and it's just us.  All together.  Many life lessons have been pondered during a casual walk on the beach or in a hunting blind.  (There's a lot of time to talk and ponder in a hunting blind!) 
  4th of July, waiting until 10:30 when it's finally dark enough to shoot off fire works.  Spending the whole day on the beach doing nothing, and being exhausted from it!  Lugging firewood down for a beach bonfire.  Waiting till 7:30 when the harbor master leaves so we can jump from the docks!  Ice cream at the Big Dipper.  Taking out the "ghanue", (not an undertaking to be made light of!)  Having the motor on the boat die in the middle of Lake Huron!  (we can chuckle about this now!)  Sneaking down gated roads with the quad.  We've created so many memories there with our kids.  I know this place is special to them too. 

My boys picked them for me!  No flower shop can compare!

Totally satisfying.
  My mom and dad are planning their trip "Up North" with us again this summer.  Although they have left the Great Lakes State, I don't think they could bear to miss a summer in "Our Neck of the Woods".  Oh am I looking forward to Summer.  Right now, my coffee cup is empty and the porch steps need to be shoveled...
Perfect way to end the day.   :)
Couldn't be happier.

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