Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Campfire Worthy Discussion!

  I woke up this morning, got my oldest off to school.  Made breakfast for myself and my husband.  Started the younger two on some independant school work.  Brewed a cup of coffee and headed off to the computer to check emails and fb.  The following is what I stumbled into!  (Unintentionally!!)
  A friend posted the following...
"If you want to perceive
And understand objectively,
Just don't allow yourself
To be confused by people.
Detach from whatever you
...Find inside or outside yourself.
Detach from religion,
Tradition, and society,
And only then will you
Attain liberation.
When you are not
Entangled in things,
You pass through
Freely to autonomy."

- Linji (d. 867)
I then felt compelled to reply...
 "Pretty. But I prefer to adhere to a classical philosophy

We are a reasoning creation. It is this thought process that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom. However even an animal makes "decisions" (instinct, and not a conscious perception) based on cues from the outside. they operate in packs or social groups. It is something within us all (human beings) to find rational grounds or motives. If you get rid of all outside influences, then it's not objective, it's subjective. Your understanding is just that, yours. Very hard to live in a civil society with all of us running around playing by our own rules.

All that said, we must be grounded in faith, otherwise it is subjective and we are our own Gods. You may think there is nothing wrong with murder if someone cut you off in a parking lot. While I think there is. Who is right? It is subjective unless we have a foundation in which to base our values. If we have that moral code, we are free to self govern, rather than be governed. There is liberty in law. We then use rhetoric to express what we have discovered based on logic and reasoning."

WOW!!! That was fun!!!! My coffee was extra strong and black this morning!! Thanks for helping to get me going this morning Rubin!!!
:) Enjoy the day. Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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