Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He's Driving!

He wouldn't let me photograph him for fear of embarrassment
at ending up on a blog (who would do that?)
    I thought I was gonna KILL him last night.  I'm in it deep.  In the midst of the teen years.  Last night was WW III over the dishes!  Seriously?!  I left the house.  I had to go or he never would have survived.  I left the house to meet a girlfriend for happy hour.  She also has teens.  Ahhhh...it felt good.  Just needed to remove myself from the situation so that we could all gain perspective.
  There are a lot of changes going on.  And it's happening sooo fast!  I home schooled him till he was in 8th grade.  In 9th, we put him in public high school so that he could pursue his passion...football!  I know, you're thinking, "His passion?  Was changing the method of education worth it, for football?"  This is a kid who writes English papers on the sport.  He puts famous football quotes on his fb.  He made JV as a freshman and Varsity as a sophomore.  It looks like captain is in his future next year.  He keeps his grades up so that he can play college ball.  It's definitely a passion.
    But, yes, lots of changes.  I'm losing him.  Oh, I'm not being mellow dramatic.  I know this is a fact of life.  And it's okay.  It just happened so fast!  I had him all to myself for so long.  Now, his life is so busy.  Mine is busy as well, and our schedules don't always jive.  I have to pencil in time with him on the calendar over summer break!  And of course, he's driving now, and that's just one more step away from me.  I miss him. 
   He's not perfect, like I said, last night I thought I was going to kill him!  In fact, he's a lot like me.   Then he finds his way back into my heart.  As I sit in the restaurant with my friend, he starts calling my phone over and over.  I of course don't answer.  He then blocks his number and calls again.  I know it's him and pick up the phone anyway.  "Mom?"  (in a goofy voice) "I love you!  I'm sorry."  And I start to giggle because he is saying it in a way that he knows will make me laugh.
   I remember being a new mom and having veteran moms give me advice.  These are good times!  You may not realize it now.  The years go by fast.  Your kids are your biggest accomplishment.  It's definitely a tough job, but the rewards are immeasurable!  In the long run, people don't remember you for the job you had or the money you made, but for the person you were and the impact you had on your family and friends.  I'm grasping how true that is.
  Love you Moje.


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  2. He'll come back from the dark side. It just takes a little time and he will need to make mistakes. I'm about half way through number two.

  3. Thanks Jim. I'll take your word for it. Yours seem to have turned out pretty well! :)

    @Annonymous...love you too!